About us

Bandana was created by Mothafar Al Attiyat a university student .

Bandana is a new youth project that combines modern and vintage designs in an attracting and aesthetically designed way .

Mothafar started with a purpose , and that is for his products to tell the stories and the thoughts of the young people for that he believed that they were able to change the world.

Mothafar says that Bandana had faced multiple challenges because its a project that represents youth and the person behind it is still studying with no expertise in the field of business and marketing , which had lead to some financial blockages , however the main challenge was to present Bandana in a unique way.

What’s special about Bandana is that it is always up to date with new infinite ideas!


Because the youth motivation has no limits so behind every design there’s a story to be told.

Bandana focuses on supporting youth thoughts and ideas ,because youth is who will rule the new society and we are all crossing our fingers with amazing things that youth will have the hand in.

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